Glodeni 1-3, Bucharest


Biutiful moved to Fratelli!

Here’s the latest news: Biutiful downtown moves uptown!

A new beginning, a new home, a new concept and a great new proposal for going out, a cross-experience of culinary delights, cocktails, pub look and feel turning clubbing around midnight!

It was only a matter of time before we announced this big step in creating new going-out experiences, that we were planning since months ago.
It is also true that at this present time, regardless of our plans, it is also a matter of new legislation in force regarding Old City Center seismic rehabilitation projects. This is not an action we can undertake as it envisions the entire building, not the actual location rented space. Therefore, we are now relocating Biutiful Downtown in a new home, in 1-3 Glodeni St.

Familiar, yet so mysterious, our Biutiful stories are an endless journey of night life discovering and exploring. It’s a all-in-one adventure. Who knows what stories you’re about to create and share?

Make sure to check-in and experiment this new nightlife going-out experience.

From now on, on Fridays and Saturdays, we’ll meet in Glodeni 1-3.

For reservations, you may use either: || 0737.297.297 || 0722.115.115

Cheers to a new beginning,
Biutiful & Fratelli